Philosophy and History

Our Philosophy

At JBC, we go by a philosophy of embracing a purposeful approach in our work and in everything we do. We constantly strive to put our customers at the forefront of our minds and innovations, and we are driven by a commitment to provide quality products, competitive prices and efficient service. Above all, we commit to demonstrating courtesy, respect and cooperation at all times across our business practices and processes.

We strive to:

    - Attract and retain talented, motivated and productive employees who share our passion and are committed to our long-term goals
    - Cause no harm or damage to our people, the environment and communities at large
    - Build strong relationships with communities where we work and improve the socioeconomic well-being of their citizens
    - Maximize long-term shareholder value
    - Be the supplier of choice to the markets we serve


    - JBC was established in January 1999 as a joint venture between the Arab Potash Company and Albemarle Holdings.
    - JBC was registered as a private Free Zone Establishment in Safi in the Southeast of Jordan in June 2000.
    - JBC Bromine Plant goes into operation in 2002.
    - JBC HBr and CaBr/NaBr plants go into operation in 2003.
    - JBC CP 2000 plant goes into operation in 2004.
    - JBC Chlorine plant goes into operation in 2005.
    - JBC began operations with 130 employees and employees over 280 people today.
    - JBC received IMDG, ADR & IATA certification in 2005.
    - JBC supplies markets in more than 30 countries worldwide to date.
    - JBC became an authorized exporter of bromine and its bromine derivatives to Europe in 2003.
    - JBC runs modification to increase its bromine and derivates capacities in 2011.
    - JBC announces the start of PETRA project in 2011 to double its current facilities at the Safi site.