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Jordan Bromine Company Ltd. has launched expansion works for its plant for an investment size exceeding an amount of USD 150 Millions
The Jordan Bromine Company Ltd., has commenced massive expansion works for its current plant at Ghoar El-Safi area on the Dead Sea for an investment size exceeding an amount of USD 150.- million.

The Jordan Bromine Company Ltd., has commenced massive expansion works for its current plant at Ghoar El-Safi area on the Dead Sea for an investment size exceeding an amount of USD 150.- million.

It is expected that the first phase of such an expansion work will be completed by the end of the current year, hence the new production operations will begin at the start of next year, where the overall investment size of the company will jump to over USD 310.- millions, signifying that Jordan is capable of settlement of investment, attract foreign investors and doubling this investment.

The Jordan Bromine Company's plant, which was established on an area to the south of the Dead Sea, has been portrayed as a real success story for Jordanian industry as well as the private sector, which gives a high added value to the national economy and contributes to the transfer of domestic industry into a global level.  It has become a strong competition in the international markets in such a life-friendly industry.

The company endeavors to increase the production capacity of its bromine plant to over one hundred thousand tons per annum; which will increase its share in the global market, boost the volume of its exports to nearly USD 450.- millions upon completion of expansion, and create new job opportunities.

The company's plant, which was inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II in the year 2003, is one of the few plants in the world for producing the strategic bromine chemical and its derivatives, and which uses the most sophisticated technology.  In addition, those responsible for it are hopefully looking forward to see the plant rank best in the world.

The plant produces the basic bromine substance and its derivatives, which are used in many significant industries and economic sectors, namely electronics, chemicals, construction, communications, textile, oil wells drilling work, exportation, water sterilization, medicine industries and others.

The Jordan Bromine Company, owner of the plant was established in 1999, in partnership between the Arab Potash Company and the American Albemarle Corporation. It produces through its plant, bromine, tetrabrome flame retardant, sodium bromide, calcium bromide, hydrogyn bromide and potassium hydroxide. 

The General Manager of the Company Eng. Ahmad Khaifah said the expansion is deemed a considerable evidence on the success of the local and foreign joint investment in Jordan, in referring to the substantial support provided to the plant from the various bodies and levels, with the object of maintaining its continued success, given the fact that it is a distinct national economic project and a Jordanian success story.
Kalifah added to (Petra) on a field tour to the bromine plant which is erected on an area of 334,000.- sq.m, the company has entrusted most of its expansion works to local consulting and contracting companies, as it enjoy extensive expertise in this field and also for the purpose of maximum contribution in setting the economic sectors in operation, which gives an added value to the national economy.

Khalifah added that the owners and company management are determined without hesitation to expand their activities in the Kingdom, in view of their belief that the environment of investment in Jordan is encouraging, notwithstanding the political extraordinary and temporary circumstances being experienced in the region, on account of repercussions of the Arab spring, and focused on the availability of support of all levels for the success of this project.

He further indicated the availability of highly trained local work force and technical competencies, which are capable to manage and render any investment a success, indicating that the experience of Jordan Bromine Company is the best proof thereon.

He has also declared that the strategic partner- American Albemarle Corporation- in the project, has strong determination to bolster its investments in Jordan and did not hesitate upon presentation of the expansion project, despite all the negative forms reported on the area and emphasizing that the American partner, considers Jordan a fertile place for investment and everyone should seize the available opportunities in it, due to its reputation and standing worldwide.

Khalifah asserted that the plant has realized major successes since its establishment as it produces a strategic material for several industries and it is available in huge quantities in the Dead Sea, pointing out as well to the company's sales which amounted last year to more than USD 200 millions and its products reach 34 countries around the world.

He also pointed out that the plant made more than 250 job opportunities available for Jordanians in various disciplines, in addition to two delegates from the American partner side and more than 35% of employees are from the people of the area, rising to 400 employees, upon completion of the expansion.

He emphasized that the company is currently working on qualifying many of them to be able to fill the required technical jobs.
Khalifah stated that more than 95% of the plant's production of over 200.000 tons per annum are exported abroad, while the remaining goes to the local market. He indicated that the company is considered the biggest exporter through the sea port of Aqaba, forming about 10% of the port's exports in 20 foot containers and that the plant has shipped over six thousand shipments during the past year.

He emphasized that safety and preservation of environment are on top of the company's priorities and takes pride in having completed more than 500 working days free of injuries. It was rated by some official authorities, to be the most committed to general safety and runs operations according to the international standards, besides to receiving international certificates related to the transport and security of chemical materials.

Khalifah, Deputy General Manager Eng. Ahmad Mahameed and Human Resources Manager Abdullah Masarweh accompanied (Petra) in the tour.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Bromine is the only non-metalic element found in liquid state at room temperature and unites with many elements. The Dead Sea is considered the richest source of bromine substance in the world and will be sufficient, according to the estimates of consumption of producing plants of this material, for about 800 years.