Caring for Jordan Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a leading specialty chemical producer and manufacturer of bromine and its derivatives in the region, and the first of its kind in Jordan, we strive to meet and exceed our responsibilities, and acknowledge that we play a leading role in contributing to society. We have developed an imprint which is relevant to local people, customers and stakeholders, and will actively continue to participate in social activities within the community in which we operate.

At JBC, we believe that organizations such as ours have a responsibility to go over and above minimum legal requirements and compliance standards. We are committed to integrating socially responsible behavior into our core values and to considering all of the Company’s actions and their impact on surrounding communities and the environment at all times.

First and foremost, we seek to help raise the quality of life of the community in which we operate. The intention is to guarantee a balance of social development, environmental improvement and economic development, and consequently JBC continues to provide small grants to various local projects and initiatives, but the real contribution lies in the time and effort that our staff willingly gives.

In line with our commitment to continuously improve peoples’ lives we have built our CSR portfolio so that it is founded around three major aspects of our company to support the community in the areas of health, education and economic development

  • -  Our Employees
  • -  The Community
  • -  The Environment

It is essential that we remain committed to all three aspects and that we continue to function as an organization that is humane in its dealings and that genuinely cares about what goes on across and beyond our premises. We have taken it onto ourselves to stay true to our company values and to respect the environment in which we work. Undeniably, it makes solid business sense for us to perform as such, and to this end, our CSR strategy is essentially built on dialogue and analysis.

At JBC, reputation and compliance are important areas to us; this is especially true with regards to how our processes impact local communities. We believe in listening to the concerns and needs of local communities and to looking at things from the perspective of others who are at the forefront of our decisions.

And because at JBC, we believe in a participatory approach, we created the Community Advisory Panel (CAP), in 2011 to enhance communication and cooperation with our local community. The CAP periodically brings together community leaders with JBC management and staff to discuss issues of concern and to strategize on local community development, environmental protection measures, educational and health related development initiatives, and other key areas for JBC involvement.

Our goals will be achieved by:

  • -  Communicating transparently, internally and externally
  • -  Driving continuous progress and improvements through a designated CSR management and reporting process, and CSR portfolio management
  • -  Promoting and enabling engagement at all corporate levels
  • -  Securing consistent, high standards on how we conduct our business
  • -  Strengthening our community involvement through better local outreach, dialogue and increased understanding

Our CR Principles:

    - A focus on quality across all aspects of our business
    - Dedication to the welfare and personal development of our employees
    - Honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards
    - Investment in the communities in which we work
    - Respect for all stakeholders regardless of race, color, religion, gender or cultural background
    - Preservation of our environment

Managing our CSR initiatives and executing our CSR strategy extends across the Company, and we have ingrained this strategy and everything it stands for within our team. We work very hard to ensure that our people are motivated so that they become responsible leaders and good corporate citizens. As an administrative tool for implementing our CSR strategy, we have established a CSR Committee of representatives and senior members, who as a team, ensure that CSR remains aligned and on track with our business and its processes. Our CSR team is responsible for developing strategy, endorsing activities, reviewing activity reports and assessing progress, and with the support of our entire team, they are responsible for implementing campaigns, and transforming our CSR strategy into an action plan.

Our CSR approach is concurrent with our mission and values, and our ethics define our responsibilities towards our communities, employees and shareholders alike. We believe that the issues we address are not a choice between business strategy and CSR strategy, but that rather, they go hand in hand.

We acknowledge that a key factor for the future success of the Company is an effective strategy. And for this reason, we have devised a comprehensive three-year CSR strategy, to be implemented across the Company. As a company, we are constantly seeking ways in which to improve, and hence, we will also utilize specialized reporting methods to measure the business impact of our strategy.

Our Key Issues:

  • -  Business Ethics
  • -  Environment
  • -  Health and Safety
  • -  People and Communities

Our CSR Activities

Our CSR strategy is targeted at supporting sustainable community development projects and creating and funding sustainable social, cultural and economic initiatives that respond to local and national needs. Our three-year strategy will cover the Karak area, particularly the communities of Qasaba, Ghor Safi and Ghor Mazra’a.

As part of our research and assessment phase, and in order to fulfill our responsibilities in an efficient and impactful manner, local families and key personnel at the Jordanian Ministries of Health, Education and Labor in the targeted areas were interviewed.

As a result, activities and components were designed, and the following activities implemented:

  1. The installation of four computer labs at public schools - two in Ghor Mazra’a, one in Ghor Safi and one in Aqaba.
  2. JBC also founded a children’s library at Save the Children Foundation in the Nuzha Area of Amman.
  3. JBC joined forces with Save the Children and took part in a campaign under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal to fight anemia in children and mothers. Through the provision of preliminary and advanced screening for anemia, in addition to treatment, the campaign will benefit 20,000 children and their mothers directly and 80,000 others indirectly across the Kingdom.
  4. JBC provided financial support to the Jordan Youth Forum 2011 which was held by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development.
  5. JBC joined the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (EDAMA) to support the organization and its efforts.
  6. JBC supported various local community activities in Karak, -providing donations to charities, civil defence and security stations.
  7. JBC supported a number of youth activities, which included the sponsorship of That Ras football club that play in first league.
  8. In 2012, JBC funded and inaugurated the Bromine Forest in Karak.
  9. JBC conducted internship programs for students from local universities within the Company to prepare them for the workforce and also provide them with important leadership and business skills.