Our Products


Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, water treatment chemicals, insect repellents, photographic chemicals, perfumes, dyes, oilfield completion fluids and other chemicals.


SAYTEX® CP-2000 flame retardant (TBBPA) is used in epoxy-based printed wiring boards.

NaBr and CaBr

High density brine completion fluids are used for oil well completion, fracturing, well work-over applications. Stabilizes the formations by reducing drilling torque and drag, while cooling the bit and controlling down hole pressure.

Aqueous HBr

Used in organic synthesis to add bromine atom on molecules, often to produce intermediates for pharmaceuticals.


KOH 50%: Uses include detergents/soaps, phosphates, synthesis, silicates and electrolytes. KOH 90%: Uses include electrolytes, dyestuffs, liquid fertilizers, photochemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical synthesis.

Health Safety & Environment

Our plant is designed and built in accordance with the highest international standards. We are ISO 9000, and ISO 14001 certified by Lloyds, and JBC was proudly awarded the "Safest Plant for 2010" by the Jordanian Social Security Corporation



Throughout our processes, sustainability is our ultimate goal. We operate with a long-term view in mind, and because we are a company built on responsibility, we do not compromise on our promise of future prosperity for our employees, our customers, our communities, our investors and the environment.